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The Apocalypse Is NOW

ATTENTION:  EMERGENCY ALERT The CDC has issued the following release: Please be advised that the Center for Disease Control has discovered a previously undetected outbreak of Virus 87633482. This virus may sit dormant for many years and shows its symptoms gradually. It will cause a “zombie”-like state where a person mindlessly consumes crappy popular culture […]

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Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

Earlier this month, I mentioned that May is Zombie Awareness Month. Then I became curious about my chances of surviving a zombie apocalypse. There was a test floating around Facebook (of course, I can’t find the link now), and needless to say, my chances looked bleak at best. Little did I know that help would […]

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Please Show Your Support

May is a very special month. Boasting such holidays as Memorial Day, Cinco de Mayo, Mother Goose Day, and No Socks Day, it’s definitely up there on the list of awesomeness. But there is another reason May is special. It is also Zombie Awareness Month. The zombie plague is often fictionalized and embellished for television […]

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