As I wait with bated breathBeneath the darkened sky,Your words ring softly in my ear;Time quietly passes by. Was it real, my heart cries out,As I shiver in despair.The love we knew was but child’s play,Disappearing into autumn air. You walk away without a glance;I stand rooted to the ground.Stars shine above without a care,My […]

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It’s not my kind of thing. I don’t enjoy getting dressed up or watching large crowds mill around in the small foyers. I hate filing into the stuffy room to take a seat at the back. The preachers are the worst. They drone on for ages, always repeating the same verses. Then they turn the […]

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Unlikely Heroes

The young man stood at the heavy metal door, his hand hovering over the handle. His mouth was set in a grim line and wrinkles formed at the corner of his eyes, which were squinted in thought. The wind whistled around the corner of the building, causing his dark hair to dance gently. Aaron Black […]

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