The Third Key (The Alaesha Legacy, #1)

The Third Key (The Alaesha Legacy, #1)

Series: The Alaesha Legacy, Book 1
Genres: Fantasy, YA
Tag: Recommended Books

Edith Myers just wants to be done. Done with her senior year of high school. Done with living with her mother, who keeps moving them to new towns and ruining Edith's life. And done with dealing with the cheerleaders and popular girls, like Dana Blake, who are everything Edith dreads.

Unfortunately, fate isn't done with Edith. When she accidentally finds a mysterious key on the school grounds, and unwittingly becomes the new Keeper of that key, Edith will have to join forces with mean girl Dana to fight an interdimensional battle. The Reformers are trying to take over the human world and Edith must confront her greatest fears and find the inner strength she never knew she possessed if she has any hope of saving the world. Suddenly advanced calculus is looking like a cake walk.

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