What is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding: It’s a word some love, some hate, and some don’t understand. I’ll be running a crowdfunding campaign in February (I may have mentioned that a few times already) and I wanted to clear a few things up about what crowdfunding is and how it works.

There are several major crowdfunding sites. The most well-known is Kickstarter, but there is also IndieGoGo, GoFundMe, and Pubslush. Pubslush is a book-only site, and that is the one I will be using. So what is crowdfunding? Simply put, it’s when someone asks for help making a project come to life.

There are some common terms used in crowdfunding. Backers or supporters are the people who are pledging money to the project. Perks or rewards are the things those people receive for their support. Rewards can vary greatly depending on the project and who’s running it. For the Steam Wars campaign, the rewards are as small as a thank you email to as large as a luncheon with me. I’ve even commissioned custom jewelry from a talented friend.

Why use crowdfunding? There are various reasons. In this particular case, I’m using it to test the waters, to see if there is enough interest in the idea to push aside other projects and focus on this one. The project has a minimum goal of $915, which is the cost to produce all the rewards and get a basic cover done. If that goal is met, I’ll write the first book in the Steam Wars series and release it in September. If it earns more than that, the money will go to not only the basic rewards, but to hiring the best editors and cover designer, as well as to producing exclusive, top-notch swag for supporters.

To make a long story short, crowdfunding is a way for the general public to decide if a project deserves attention. In terms of books, it’s a way to support the author and let them know you want to see their world come to life. You literally get to decide if it lives or dies. And that’s why I love crowdfunding. It takes the choice out of the hands of the big publishers and movie studios and puts it back in the hands of the people that matter the most: the fans.

Have you ever backed a project? What was it? Did it succeed and were you happy with the rewards? What would you have changed if you could change it?
Happy Reading!

If you haven’t checked out The Steam Wars campaign, pop on over and click Become A Fan to be notified when it goes live.

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