When Deadlines Fail

Originally sent to newsletter subscribers on October 20, 2014.


So I have some bad news to share. I know if you’re a fan of the Jane series, you’ve probably been waiting with bated breath for the release of Blood War. Please don’t hate me when I tell you that I’ve had to push the release date back to January. I know. I’m sorry. Feel free to cry and send me hate mail. But I promise, it will be out. It’s just not going to be this month.

Why did I push the release date back? There are a few reasons for this. The first, and most important, is that it’s just not ready. The story itself is just not ready to be written yet. Some stories come easy. They burst into my brain and flow onto the paper like a flood of words. This is not one of those stories. I have the basic idea in my head. I know what I want it to be about. But it’s not forming itself into a story that makes sense from start to finish. It’s just not ready to be written yet. So I have to push it back, until it wants to be written. Until it’s ready. I know that might not make a ton of sense, but that’s the way stories work. Sometimes, they’re just not ready.

There is a story that’s ready to be written, though. Night Terrors, the story of Leanansidhe’s rise to power, will absolutely be out on November 21st, as promised. The story has been rattling around in my brain and flowing onto paper. And the third and final book of The Risen King series, aptly named The Risen King, is right on schedule for release on December 30th. So again, I’m super duper uper sorry that you won’t be able to read Blood War in three days, but I promise that the next two books will be on schedule. Thank you for your patience and being so awesome.

Happy reading!

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